An egg a day appears to help young children grow taller

An egg a day might help undernourished young children grow to a healthy height, according to a six-month study in Ecuador.

Whether soft or hard-boiled, fried or whisked into an omelette, eggs appeared to give infants a boost.

It could be a cheap way to prevent stunting, say researchers in the journalPediatrics.

The first two years of life are critical for growth and development – any stunting is largely irreversible.

Too short for age

Poor nutrition is a major cause of stunting, along with childhood infections and illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, 155 million children under the age of five are stunted (too short for their age).

Most live in low- and middle-income countries and health experts have been looking at ways to tackle the issue.

Lora Iannotti and her colleagues set up a field experiment in the rural highlands of Ecuador and gave very young children (aged six to nine months) free eggs to eat to see if this might help.

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