Putin tells Oliver Stone that war between the US and Russia would result in nuclear holocaust that no one would survive

In an interview between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, Putin said that a war between the US and Russia would result in a nuclear holocaust in which no single person would survive.
In the interview set to air on Showtime next week, Stone asked Putin whether the US would be “dominant” in the event of a “hot war” between the two nuclear powers to which Putin replied

“I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict.”

Showtime has released a series of short teasers to the interview. In one clip, Putin is seen showing Stone a live feed from a Russian military jet deployed in Syria.
When Stone asked Putin if there’s any hope of change in relations between Washington and Moscow, the president replied:

“There is always hope. Until they are ready to bring us to the cemetery and bury us.”

  • Putin also talked about Russia’s age-old suspicions of NATO in two separate teasers. He said that countries who join NATO inevitably become “vassals” of the Americans.

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