Two Nigerian women arrested for scamming men of N47m in the UK

It was gathered that two young Nigerian women were recently arrested by the Metropolitan Police for perpetrating online dating fraud in the UK.

According to a post shared on the Metropolitan Police website, two Nigerian women identified as Grace Akintaro and Victoria Nwogu, were arrested for fraud.

24-year-old Akintaro was said to have posed as a woman named Amanda Jenson, and had connected with several men looking for relationships online. She succeeded in getting over £100,000 (about N45 million) from those unsuspecting men.

22-year-old Nwogu was said to have gotten £3,490 (about N1.5 million) from Akintaro for playing a small part in the scams.
2 Nigerian women arrested in the UK of scamming 7 men out of over N4m in dating fraud

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