As growth in the oil industry dwindles in an abysmal scale, programming is slightly taking over as the widely sought after money-generating source.

A job in Shell, NLNG, Chervon, Total etc is the dream entry level job for almost graduates and sought after career move by most experienced people. Even career choice is influenced by the prospect of get a job in the industry.

Growth in Oil and Gas industry is no more. The days of headline news such as Shell investing billions of dollars in FSPO in the Niger Delta is gone.

Rather,the place of International Oil Company is gradually been taken by Tech Giants. Facebook CEO and Google CEO personally visited Nigeria within an interval of 18 months apart. And each promising to investing millions of dollar in developing manpower in IT sector of our economy.

The future belongs to those that invest in knowledge economy and not commodity economy. This millennium needs more programmers, to write solutions for our phones, our cars, our business etc.

Get prepared for the future; acquire the skill set needed for a knowledge based economy. Join the next class on Web Design & Development at Alabian Solutions Ltd.

You can register now at This class starts by October 9th 2017. Check out some of the classwork of our trainees at

What is your comment on their work? Please be nice remember these guys are just fresh developers and they did this after 4 weeks into their training.


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